Asian Children' Assistance Ltd.

Host Organization in China:

SHIC, Inc. Asian Health Services Exchange

      Chief Executive Officer

           Paula J. Umscheid


I have been serving continually in China since 1986.  In these nearly 30 years, I have witnessed the incredible development of China into a world power.  I have watched the Chinese people step onto the world stage with wisdom and grace.  It has been an amazing evolution of a country and a people.   It has been an honor to experience this phenomena.

Our work in the charitable sector of Chinese society began in 1994.  This work has given us a beautiful entrée into every level of government and social circles.  One day we could be meeting with the vice governor or attending a meeting with the premier of the country and the next day meeting with the poorest of the poor in a remote area.  The dynamics of this work are multifaceted and very interesting.  I love working with the Chinese people and it is a great privilege to assist them as they solve  social issues related to poverty and  related to families affected by disabilities.

Paula has attended Oklahoma's Northeastern State University when it was a teacher's college.  As well, she attended China's Liaoning University where she studied Chinese language and Chinese philosophy.


Asian Children' Assistance Ltd.

SHIC, Inc. Asian Health Services Exchange

      China Regional Director

              Kevin Avery


It is my privilege to serve as the China Regional Director to bless families affected by disabilities. Every family – every child – is like a pearl in the sea. The outer shell may appear rough, and there may be a temptation to toss the shell aside, but wow, what beauty lies within! When a pearl is lifted into the light, the light shines through with brilliant color. In fact, it is the imperfections in the pearl, which makes the light so beautiful.

So in this figurative way of thinking, my family and I came to Shenyang in March 2012 to be pearl divers. Through picnics, day camps or retreats, what joy it is to build friendships with families affected by disabilities. We lift them to the light, and then with eager anticipation, we watch as these precious families shine.

Kevin is graduate of Baylor University with a degree in counseling.  He is currently engaged in a master's degree program in disability studies.  He is married to Dayna Avery and has two children:  Hudson and Molly.  They are a beautiful family dedicated to serving in China.