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  • Purpose: These projects are a key part of our vision to bless families affected by intellectual and physical disabilities. They offer safe, structured activities to build friendships and family support.
  • Size: 15-25 families affected by physical or intellectual disabilities.
  • Schedule: 9:30 am to 2:00 pm.
  • Venue: Venues vary. SHIC looks for hotels, community centers, nursing homes or schools willing for us to use the venue for free.
  • Cost: 700-1,000 RMB, largely because of the food. SHIC provides a simple lunch for the families and volunteers.
  • Volunteers: One volunteer per child with disability. If there are 15 families involved, we need at least 15 volunteers. We try to find volunteers from a variety of ages and work/ education backgrounds.
    • SHIC provides volunteer training. SHIC gives certificates for the training and volunteer time, if requested.
  • Activities depend on the disability focus. If the camp has individuals with physical disabilities, activities like crafts or stories are emphasized. If the focus is intellectual disability, we will implement more physical activities and games. We always want to use music, no matter the group.
  • Parents have the opportunity to receive encouragement and support. For many parents, this is their only time to rest and interact with friends. In addition, SHIC often finds a doctor, special education teacher or therapist to provide training.
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